Welcome to allPasta, the new fast food experience.

Discover homemade pasta, perfectly combined with crafted sauces. Our ingredients are freshly prepared, shaping an entirely new way of enjoying pasta, made possible through our unique "Create your own Pasta" section. Here, you'll encounter something truly special: Your own creativity will craft your meal to be as diverse and personal as never before.

We present you with a new benchmark for a swift, first-class dining experience and the innovative fast food of tomorrow.

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Our Story

Our journey spans the past 3 years, during which we've passionately worked on this concept. 1.5 of those years were devoted to perfecting our homemade pasta dough. Every single step was meticulously considered to provide you with the best possible quality.


We intend to alter the direction of fast food. At allPasta, it's not just about speed; it's about quality and enjoyment. Our philosophy is to offer you a contemporary culinary experience that convinces both in taste and ethics.

We invite you to explore our innovative fast food experience. Immerse yourself in a world of homemade pasta and creative, homemade sauces. At allPasta, we blend freshness, flavor, and responsibility into a novel way of savoring. This unique concept, never before seen, enables you to perceive fast food in an entirely new manner. Welcome to the future of fast food – Welcome to allPasta!

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